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Andrea Dawson Left With The Uptown Blues Songwriter Tom Thompson had written a CD’s worth of material, but needed a vocalist to record the project. There were a couple of Blues tunes, some R&B and Jazz, and even a Rocker. Who could he get that could cover all those styles believably and make the songs come alive? Up steps Andrea Dawson. Known around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as “The Sultry Soulstress of the Blues,” she had been working steadily at enlarging her repertoire to include, conveniently, all the styles Thompson was writing. He contacted her – would she be interested in lending her voice to the project? The result is Left With The Uptown Blues, a collection of 10 original tunes that are buoyed by Dawson’s considerable and multifaceted vocal prowess. Andrea often hires world renown Eletro-Fi recording artist Andrew “Jr. Boy” Jones for her live shows, and asked him to join her on a couple of cuts on the CD. Jones not only added his unmistakable Texas guitar genius, but also graciously shared his experience and talents as arranger and producer (as well as his touring band), resulting in the CD’s two strongest cuts. The sassy, swaggering “Watch Me Burn” opens the CD, with Dawson rhetorically questioning the lover she’s been devoted to (but has been less than devoted to her) “If I was on fire, would you help or watch me burn?” The other track featuring the Dawson/Jones magic is “Another You”. Andrew has played quite a few shows with Andrea, and has the intuitive ability to coax the very best out of her vocal performance, which he does here. His smooth band makes this track the ear-catcher – Jamil Byrom on drums and Rudolph “Valentino” Parks, Jr. on bass lay down a mighty foundation. “Gentleman” John Street keys turn up the passion. Ron Jones plays the sax that adds the romance. Top all this off with Jr. Boy’s smoldering guitar and Dawson’s sultry, smoky vocals and you have fire, pure and simple. After one listen, you too will be Left With The Uptown Blues, as only Andrea Dawson can deliver them. This being Dawson’s first project, you have the advantage of jumping on the bandwagon at the first stop. Don’t be left out – get this CD and start your collection of what will certainly be a long list of classic CD’s by an amazing vocalist. - Blue Lisa - Southwest Blues CD Review - May 2010

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Andrea Dawson - Left with the uptown blues (Waardering Muziekwereld) 8 Andrea Dawson - Left with the uptown blues Andrea Dawson mag dan voor ons een laatbloeier zijn, in en rond Dallas wordt zij al jaren als een Diva bestempeld. Er kan zelfs geen plaatsje meer vernoemd worden of zij heeft er haar kunnen laten horen. Buiten dat zij haar eigen bluesband heeft deelde ze het podium reeds met ‘Lucky’ Peterson, Andrew ‘Jr’ Boy Jones en Texas Slim. Soutwest Blues Magazine heeft zelfs in mei nog Andrea als coverstory in de ‘picture’ gezet. Andrea Dawson is blues met heel wat soul invloeden maar met momenten leunt ze ook wat aan tegen jazz maar met nummers als ‘Not Much’ en shuffles als ‘Less Left Of Me’ springt ze toch wel even naar voren. Nummers die door iedere DJ kunnen gewaardeerd worden en zeker het met de hammond doorspekte ‘Less Left Of Me’ is een juweeltje om naar te luisteren. Op haar debuutalbum 'Left With The Uptown Blues' speelt Andrew ‘Jr’ Boy Jones op ‘Watch me Burn’ en ‘Another You’ mee op gitaar maar hij tekende ook als producer voor dit prachtige album. Een album waar moeilijk een favoriet is uit te halen omdat de diversiteit hoog tij speelt en daardoor je van de eene strekking in de andere valt. Met Lucky Peterson toerde ze reeds door Portugal en in haar thuisbasis deed ze ook al wat festivals aan …nu nog de lagen landen want dit loont zeker de moeite.

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